Risk Management & Consulting

Specialty Insurance Solutions to Meet Your Every Need

Optisure Risk Partners understands that not all insurance needs can be covered by traditional policies. For that reason, we’ve purposely invested our time and resources into developing in-depth skills and experience in a long list of areas that we consider to be our focus specialties. By working closely with a network of talented insurance agency partners, we can offer comprehensive coverage options to meet the varied needs of our customers. You can learn more about our areas of focus below:

Aviation Insurance

Whether you are buying your first aircraft or have been flying for years, we can help you over the insurance hurdle. From helping you decide how much to cover your airplane for, to determining what is an adequate limit of liability, our pilot-brokers will take the time to make sure that you understand what your choices are, what you have bought, and that it’s right for you. Our Aviation division are experts in this unique niche in the insurance world. We draw upon our experience as former aviation underwriters, pilots, and over 20 years of brokerage experience to negotiate the best insurance deals for our customers.

Construction and Surety Bonds

At Optisure Risk Partners, we understand that construction-related insurance is one of the most complex in the industry. There are many risks associated with a large construction project, and protecting your company against these risks is paramount. In addition to construction and surety bonds, we also offer clients property, inland marine, auto, liability, workers compensation, builders risk, professional and pollution coverage options.

Coastal Properties

Growing in importance during the last decade, coastal property protection has become an increasingly complicated type of coverage to provide. Knowing what types of policies and deductibles make sense for your specific needs can be overwhelming and confusing. At Optisure Risk Partners, our team of experienced insurance professionals will work with you throughout the entire claims process to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Insurance Cost Management and Recovery

Optisure Risk Partners has developed a proven method for managing risks and controlling insurance costs, with the ultimate goal of recovering hidden or trapped profits. The Insurance Cost Management and Recovery Process (ICMR™) was developed to help clients discover unknown risks, threats and waste within their business, and to help implement strategies to lower these risks.

Managed Exposure Program

Optisure Risk Partners is made up of a team of insurance brokers and risk management experts. We understand the importance of having a comprehensive insurance and risk management program and how it can affect our client’s profitability. We created The Managed Exposure Program™, a step-by-step process to help grow your business by using advanced strategies to better manage your exposure to risk.

Private Client and High Net Worth Portfolio Support

At Optisure Risk Partners, we understand that wealthy individuals and families often have complex and unique insurance and risk management needs. Understanding those special needs is essential to the design of a comprehensive insurance and risk management program that includes access to insurance companies who focus on insuring high net worth individuals, insurance coverage differences, and lifestyle exposure analysis.

Private Equity Portfolio Support

Beyond the initial placement of insurance for our private equity clients, Optisure works to further strategize with them by means of due diligence and leverage. Due diligence will help to identify any deficiencies in the current program coverage, and to determine potential premium savings opportunities. Leverage is achieved through partnership with a single or limited number of insurance carriers. Having a large pool of portfolio companies makes it easier to negotiate broader coverage terms and lower premiums compared to those available if each risk were underwritten separately.

Total Workers’ Compensation Solution

Using analytics, Optisure Risk Partners helps our clients move beyond the lowest price mentality and deliver customized resources to enhance their risk management efforts, resulting in a lower cost of risk, peace of mind and increased productivity. We do this using our total workers’ compensation solution.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experience insurance professionals and learn more about the various insurance specialties offered by Optisure Risk Partners.