Insurance Cost Management & Recovery™ Process

The typical insurance agency operates under a “bid and quote” mentality, where three or four agents typically agree to get in line, and are assigned three carriers each by the business owner. Each agent then delivers essentially the same commoditized result – at a price they hope is better than that of the next competing agent.

By forcing you to pick the agent who has given the best “quote” by the assigned carrier, this process ultimately takes the control of selecting your agent – one of your most important allies and business partners – out of your hands and puts it into the hands of the insurance carrier. This type of process won’t help you to reduce or prevent the direct and indirect costs not covered by insurance after a loss occurs.


Our exclusive Insurance Cost Management and Recovery Process (ICMR™), however, uncovers unknown risks and employs strategic initiatives to reduce or eliminate them. Because we believe in managing risk, and that insurance is only one part of equation, our process is centered on value and outcome vs. price. Our success is measured by delivering insurance solutions that continuously optimize our client’s working capital, shareholder value, profit and competitive edge.

“Alliance identified $42,840 in expense drivers within our current workers compensation program. We were unaware that this money was even available to us. After one year of working with Alliance they unlocked $10,344 in savings that went right to our bottom line and delivered a 211% ROI on our investment in their ICMR™ Process. We look forward to working with Alliance; over the next few years, to recover the majority of $42,840 from within our current insurance program.”

Patrick Connelly
Executive Director of Operations – Federal Business Centers

We can make a difference with your workers comp. Let us prove it.

Insurance Cost Management & Recovery™ Process for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We understand that risk management and workers’ compensation insurance are vastly different from one business to the next. After establishing a historical perspective on your business, evaluating your current operation, and exploring your 5- to10-year business plan, we can implement the Insurance Cost Management and Recovery Process (ICMR™), which allows us to review your present Workers’ Compensation (WC) program and identify unknown risks and threats to your business.

Through the ICMR™ process we identify all the issues causing your premium to be inflated. Applying our years of WC experience, expertise, training, accreditation and our considerable resources, we will assist you in consistently driving your WC expenses down to the lowest possible level. The ICMR™ Process has yielded returns of 20%+ for our clients and has allowed clients to recoup overcharges for up to three prior years.

National Car Wash & Quick Lube Insurance Program

Have your premiums for car wash property, liability, auto and umbrella insurance policies been rising or taken big swings over the past five years? Have you received little or no help from your insurance carrier in preventing losses at your car wash? Has your insurance company cancelled your coverage because they no longer provide insurance for car washes?

Our exclusive insurance program includes:

  1. Some of the broadest coverage in the industry
  2. Pricing designed to be competitive and, more importantly, stable
  3. More than 20 years of experience insuring the car wash industry
  4. Exclusive employee training and loss prevention resources not found with any other insurance carrier.
  5. No penalty for switching carriers before your policy expires.