Optimize your Risk.

Optisure’s unique Managed Exposure Program™ takes a holistic approach to insurance, building efficient and optimized protection strategies for our clients.  We excel at providing insight and developing protection plans to address what makes you or your business unique.


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Optimize your Commercial Exposures

Optisure’s insurance professionals have deep experience optimizing risk strategies for Federally Qualified Health Clinics, as well as wide range of unique commercial exposures.  We excel at providing insight to clients who are developing  protection plans for their business.


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Bespoke Insurance Strategy

We created this custom program because too often individuals and companies get into trouble when simply buying insurance without taking the time to manage their risk strategically and consider how unique they really are.  Our process is designed to evaluate your exposures and provide some recommendations with regard to your insurance and risk management programs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your risk tolerance becomes optimized at the lowest available cost in the marketplace.


Insurance Headaches Solved.

In order to properly evaluate your exposures, we must first obtain a thorough understanding of your operations and your current risk management procedures. Our process has three distinct initiatives:


Risk Finder

Where might you face exposure that you should avoid, retain, control or transfer to third parties?


Policy Doctor

Are those problems currently being addressed?

Exposure Optimizer

What are some choices you could make to better optimize your exposure to risk?

1.   Risk Finder

Where could you face exposure?  No two clients are alike, and there are a wide range of frequently forgotten risks that all too often get individuals and businesses into trouble when not proactively considered.  In this stage we explore what personal risks are unique to your situation, what business and professional risks could include, define and understand your financial goals and tolerances, and discuss any health benefit and wellness planning that may be important to be aware of.

We’ve made our personal lines Risk Finder tool available online as to help you identify and consider how you might deal with a variety of risks you may encounter.

2.   Policy Doctor

After identifying areas of potential concern, we analyze how these problems are currently being addressed.  What coverages are in place as lines of defense? 

We dive in and explore: coverage issues, any gaps in your coverage, exclusions that could affect you, policy inefficiencies, what’s working and where it could it be improved.

3.   Exposure Optimizer

The world is constantly changing and your insurance strategy should not be on autopilot.  There are choices you can make to optimize your risk.  We pull our analysis together to put forth some of the forks in the road for you to choose from, in how best to manage your exposures.

Getting started is as easy. Contact us now, and we will take care of the rest.