Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance coverage solutions

Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Whether you drive it daily, or just on the weekends, Optisure Risk Partners can help ensure you have the level of protection you need for you and your recreational vehicle.

Our team of insurance professionals is highly experienced with insuring recreational vehicles of all types and sizes. From boats and other watercraft, to off-road vehicles, RVs, aircraft and more, we can help you find the right type and level of coverage for the vehicles you own. We understand the importance of protecting all of your vehicles, whether it’s your main mode of transportation, or just something you drive for fun. No matter what you’re driving, where you’re driving, or what time of year it is, Optisure has the right solution for your recreational vehicle insurance needs.


For those who like going off the beaten path, Optisure Risk Partners has a variety of ATV insurance options.


Before you get out on the road, we will make sure you’ve got the right coverage for your moped.


Do you have the right coverage for your UTV? We can help you determine the right coverage for your side-by-side vehicle.


Boats come in all sizes and speeds. Whether you’re racing, cruising or floating, we can help protect you and your boat.

Jet Ski

For the adventurous water explorer, Optisure Risk Partners offers jet ski insurance coverage that’s right for you and your vessel.

Motor Home

We offer a variety of motor home insurance coverage options to cover you and your RV, when you need it.

Golf Cart

Whether it’s cruising around the golf course or local community, or in the shed for winter storage, Optisure Risk Partners has your golf cart covered.


Whether it’s for your daily commute or just for fun, we can help ensure you and your Scooter are protected.


Traveling in the snow is fun, but can also be dangerous. We can help keep you and your snowmobile protected.


Whether it’s parked in the marina or out at sea, we can help you find the right protection for your yacht.


If your style is more of a smaller boat or other small watercraft, we can help you find the right coverage for your personal watercraft.

For those who fly, consider aircraft insurance.

Do you own or rent a personal aircraft? Aircraft insurance can help ensure your protection in the event of an accident or other damage. Because we understand that all pilots are unique, Optisure Risk Partners offers a wide array of coverage options for you and your aircraft.

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