International Coverage

Coverage essentials for international business travel

International Coverage

Does your business operate internationally? Optisure Risk Partners offers solutions to keep you and your employees safe while traveling overseas. We’ll make sure you’re fully covered around the globe.

While traveling outside the country for business, it’s important to make sure you have the coverage you need in the event of an accident or loss. We can help you find the level of coverage that makes sense for you based on your travel habits and frequency, as well as your travel location. We offer insurance solutions to protect against everything from kidnap and ransom, to foreign worker’s compensation, foreign auto coverage and foreign liability, to travel-accident insurance and more. Let us keep you protected while you’re working around world.

Kidnap and Ransom

We provide kidnap and ransom insurance to keep you protected from exposure to threatening situations while traveling abroad.

Foreign Auto

Owning or renting autos overseas has its own set of risks; our automobile protection protects you while you’re on the road abroad.

Travel Accident

For protection in the event of an accident while traveling internationally, we offer protection with travel accident insurance.

Foreign Worker’s Compensation

We know you value the safety of your overseas workers, so we offer foreign worker’s compensation policies to match your needs.

Foreign Liability

For protection from lawsuits initiating from foreign events or overseas distribution of products, we provide solutions for your foreign liability needs.

Accidental Death and Disability

When traveling outside of the country, rest assured of your financial coverage with our accidental death and disability insurance.