Life Insurance

Insurance solutions for whatever the future holds

Life Insurance

Coverage to keep you and your family protected now and in the future, no matter what obstacles life brings. Let us help you live your best life.

By preparing for the unexpected, you and your family can rest assured knowing they’re covered no matter what. The team of insurance specialists at Optisure has the depth of experience required to find you coverage that allows you to maintain a high quality of life at any stage, both physically and financially. We offer a variety of life insurance policies with varying types of coverage to meet your specific needs and the unique challenges life throws at you. We understand you have people that depend on you. We’re here to provide solutions to keep you and your loved ones protected.

Group Long-term Care

To help you meet the needs of your employee long-term care needs, we offer many group long-term care insurance solutions.


We provide options for both short- and long-term disability coverage to help you pay your bills while you’re out of work.

Term Life

For additional insurance protection for life’s hurdles and big expenses, we offer term life insurance solutions.

Variable Life

For a life insurance policy that also functions as an investment, we provide variable life insurance.


Optisure provides second-to-die life insurance options to help reduce the financial burdens associated with your estate after you’re gone.

Individual Long-term Care

Protect the financial stability of your family’s future. Our solutions help cover the costs of your long-term care needs.

Accidental Death and Disability

For adequate coverage in case of a deadly or injurious accident, stay protected with accidental death and disability insurance.

Universal Life

For flexible life insurance coverage, available whenever you need it, we offer a variety of universal life insurance solutions.

Whole Life

For guaranteed premiums, death benefits and cash value to protect those you love, consider our whole life insurance options.