iCARE Team

Insurance Covid-19 Accelerated Response & Education Team

‘Turbulent times’ seems like an understatement.  We know this is a crisis for you and your business of unimaginable magnitude.  We would like to help you get out ahead on insurance premium reduction to preserve your cash flows and discuss with you how policies might respond to COVID-19 claims.

We have begun advising our clients to speak with our iCARE (Insurance COVID-19 Accelerated Response & Education) team to take PROACTIVE measures and ACTION STEPS to protect themselves and their businesses.  These are things you should be doing to stay ahead of the masses.  If your broker isn’t currently helping you with these efforts, WE WILL.

How can you avoid paying your insurance premiums right now?

    • We can help you skip or defer payments.
    • Many insurance carriers have stated that they are suspending cancellation and non-renewal of coverage for the immediate future, and will not charge interest, late fees or penalties during this time, thus providing policyholders extra time to pay their premiums without risking cancellation.
    • Free up capital and redeploy where it does the most good during this crisis.

Premium reduction strategy

    • Proactively take steps to reduce your premium amounts without compromising risk aversion.

How to make a business interruption claim

    • As your insurance broker, we cannot speculate on or make a coverage determination, but we have been actively researching and investigating these coverage questions and what it could mean for our clients.  It is a situation we will be monitoring closely and doing all we can in efforts to put our client’s best interests first. 
    • The best thing to do right now may be to consider submitting your potential loss to your insurance carrier and save records accordingly.  We are here and ready to help you in submitting your claim.

Please submit your information below, and we will have an iCARE team member reach out right away to discuss your options.

“After 28 years, we had to pivot quickly when our food service related business lost 90% of our revenue within 2 weeks due to the pandemic. Optisure kept up with our many revisions and modifications over the next several weeks executing them all quickly and accurately. All of their staff seemed eager to help in a professional and empathetic manner that made our small business seem as important to them as a company much larger. We Highly recommend Optisure Risk Partners to other businesses that want a competent and caring company to handle ALL of their insurance needs.”

Jeff Ostroff

President, Restaurant Beverage Service - Miami Florida