Specialty Insurance

High Risk and specialty insurance solution for your business

Specialty Insurance

Whether you need coverage for your farm and its livestock, your business equipment and tools, or your trucking fleet, Optisure offers specialty insurance solutions for every business type.

Some equipment and property items that are required to operate certain types of businesses may be considered high risk, or specialty items. For example, your farm or ranch business will likely come with a unique set of risks and challenges for ensuring the protection of your valuable assets, such as livestock and horses. We specialize in providing coverage for business types that fall outside of the norm. Our experienced insurance staff and partner agencies will work with you to find the exact coverage you need to keep your specialty business running smoothly, day in and day out.

Farm and Ranch

We understand you make a living from your farm or ranch. Let us keep you and your hard work fully protected.

Truckers Insurance

Whether you own one truck or an entire fleet, we offer protection for you and your truck(s) while on the road.


We can help you ensure the safety of your equine investment in the event of major medical occurrences or other expenses.

Livestock Mortality

As a farm or ranch owner, your animals are valuable assets. We provide solutions to keep your livestock protected.

Inland Marine

For assurance that your products and equipment are covered off-site, we offer Inland Marine coverage for your transported assets.

For life’s biggest events, consider special events coverage.

From smaller, intimate events, to larger events like weddings, retirement parties, corporate events and more, we can help you find the right solutions to keep you and your guests protected while they enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime.

Recreational Vehicle