Commercial & Professional

Solutions for commercial and professional insurance

Commercial and Professional

Optisure Risk Partners offers professional and commercial insurance and risk management solutions for today’s business owners and self-employed professionals. Let us help keep your business or professional career protected.

Whether you’re self-employed or own a small, medium or larger-sized business organization, Optisure Risk Partners can help you find the right solutions for your commercial and professional insurance needs. From basic to complex business insurance policies, various types of bond coverage, specialty insurance, international coverage and more, we are dedicated to keeping your professional and commercial assets protected. Our team of experienced insurance professionals excels at helping today’s professionals find the insurance coverage they need to keep operations running smoothly. We understand how hard you work, and we’ll work just as hard to keep your business protected.

Business Insurance

No matter how big or small your business is, we provide insurance solutions to help keep your business and its assets protected. We offer everything from basic coverage to package policies, depending on your needs and preferences.

Professional & Management Liability Insurance

Because we understand that humans make mistakes, our professional & management liability insurance keeps you covered when they happen. We’ll help you find professional liability coverage that’s right for you and the services you provide.

Specialty Insurance

We specialize in providing specialty insurance coverage to help protect your unique business. We’ll help you find the right coverage for your farm and its livestock, your business equipment and tools, your trucking fleet, and more.


We offer comprehensive risk-management solutions for today’s business contracts. Our staff of highly-qualified insurance experts specializes in finding professionals like you the right type of bond coverage for your unique business needs and preferences.


We understand the complex risks and challenges associated with aviation. Our team of insurance professionals will help you find a policy that fits where and how you fly, so you’re fully protected if the unexpected occurs.

International Coverage

For businesses that operate internationally, we offer solutions to keep you and your employees safe around the globe. From foreign worker’s compensation, to travel accident insurance, accidental death and disability and more, we’ve got you covered.

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