Total Workers’ Compensation Solution

As risk management and insurance advisors, we believe it is important to provide complete and customized solutions at the best prices, to help our clients improve their business and lower their cost of risk. The foundation for such a comprehensive program is in the workers’ compensation line of business, where we help clients control a combination of both hard and soft costs.

Our total workers’ compensation solution system begins with an analysis of our client’s experience rating worksheet to determine what the minimum modification could be, what their controllable modification is, and whether the client’s loss frequency and/or severity issues need to be addressed. Using this information, we then educate our client on the importance of risk management, and deliver resources to help manage “cost drivers” identified.

These resources include: Safety Program Implementation, Return to Work Programs, Loss Control, as well as Claim and Reserve Management. As a trusted advisor, we customize our resources and services to help our clients mitigate incidents and manage losses, which results in a lower experience modification rating and decreased workers’ compensation premiums.

“I appreciate your willingness to help me solve the replacement cost evaluation problem I had with my current insurance company. Your recommendation to have my home appraised for its reconstruction value helped me save money, properly insure my home and find a new insurance agent and company.”

SGlenn O. Finlay
Pembroke Pines, FL

We are dedicated to helping your business control costs and improve efficiency. Let us tell you how.

Hospitality Insurance and Risk Management

The hospitality industry has unique risks that need to be identified; measured for potential frequency and severity; and treated by examination of potential solutions. Only then can we determine and implement the best solution – one that is most affordable, effective and practical – and monitor the results.

Several emerging risks like cyber liability, food borne illness and shared employees need to be understood and properly addressed to manage the potential adverse impact to net income. Using our Managed Exposure Program© we work with our clients to design a cost-effective insurance and risk management program to help them address their cost and save time and them to focus on growing their business.

Private Client and High Net Worth Individuals

Our team of experienced professionals has decades of experience and knowledge working with high net worth individuals, and utilizing proven risk management techniques for insuring high value homes, watercraft, private collections, performance automobiles and excess liability. We will work with you to find the right coverage options to keep you and your belongings protected.