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The right solutions for your unique business challenges

At Optisure, we are insurance brokers and risk management experts. Insurance is just one part of risk management, and therefore should not be treated the same as buying commodities like gasoline or electricity. Unfortunately, many business owners have been taught that buying insurance at the lowest price is the best way to manage risk. While this approach may minimize your short-term insurance costs, it may expose you to significant long-term costs.

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The Optisure team is focused on helping you find the right solutions for your unique business challenges. Optisure focuses on providing risk-management services tailored to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, commercial real estate, law, hospitality and many more. We understand that each industry has a unique set of needs, requirements and risks associated with daily operations. That’s why we’ve invested in developing an exceptional staff of insurance professionals with decades of experience helping businesses with risk management in a variety of industries.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients access to some of the most experienced insurance specialists, each of whom works hard to provide the most efficient risk management services and competitively priced insurance options available today. Because each industry carries with it a complex and diverse set of risks, it’s important to work with insurance professionals that are focused on managing and minimizing your business risks, so you don’t have to.


At Optisure, we specialize in regularly mitigating risk and the placement of insurance – in that order – an approach that increases our clients’ competitive edge in their respective industries. Our unique and highly effective risk-management process is specifically designed to uncover hazards, waste and expense drivers within our clients’ operations. This allows us to significantly reduce or even eliminate risk, rather than react to it.

We have developed a unique approach to risk management for businesses, called The Managed Exposure Program™. It is a step-by-step process that helps grow your business by using advanced strategies to better manage your exposure to risk. We created The Managed Exposure Program because many companies get in trouble when they simply buy insurance and don’t take the time to strategically manage their risk. As a result, they often waste time and money, experience unnecessary stress and worry, and their businesses suffer.

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