How Optisure Solved a Cessna Pilots Insurance Problem

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Educational

In addition to our strong everyday insurance offerings, Optisure has deep experience in a variety of specialty industries, and we pride ourselves in having the resources and depth to offer expertise beyond the norm.

Our Aviation division, Sutton James, was highlighted in the most recent issue of the Cessna Pilots Association publication, where the author was able work with Sutton James Broker, Airika Ackermann to overcome a unique problem:

How do you insure a $150,000 airplane packed full of the newest technology, bells and whistles worth $200,000 alone? How do you insure such a plane, protecting your investment, without paying astronomical insurance premiums?

Click the article to read the account from our client as appearing in the May 2020 issue of Cessna Pilots Association.

Airika can be reached at or (860) 987-8775.

After the Upgrade


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