About Richards Robinson Sheppard Insurance

Founded in 2009, Richards Robinson Sheppard Insurance has offices in Beverly, MA, Manchester, NH, and Weston, FL. Our team of insurance professionals have worked together for more than 15 years. While the services and capabilities we offer are global, we bring a regional approach to meeting a wide variety of property and casualty insurance needs for clients near and far.

Richards Robinson Sheppard Insurance offers a high level of expertise in program underwriting and aggressive program structures, which enables our clients to enjoy some of the most competitive terms and premiums in the marketplace. We have experience in many areas, including; Banking, Law, Affordable Multifamily Housing, Real Estate Management & Development, Construction & Bonding, Self-Insurance Programs, Hospitality, Military, Private Equity, Non-Profit, Reinsurance, Health Care and Manufacturing.

Putting Clients First

Richards Robinson Sheppard Insurance is focused on representing our clients over the insurance companies. We believe strongly that the quality of service provided should go above and beyond the simple placement of insurance. The RRS team is committed to providing experienced claims representation to advocate on behalf of our clients when losses occur. Clients can expect to be serviced locally by some of the most experienced insurance professionals in the industry, each of whom has more than 25 years of experience.
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