When it comes to veterinary insurance coverage, there are a variety of risks to consider, and your coverage type depends upon a variety of factors, including the size of your operation. If you need employment practices liability coverage, data breach insurance and excess liability coverage, we have multiple coverage options available to meet your specific needs.


Some veterinarians may require a state-of-the-art business owner’s policy, which includes Veterinarians Professional Liability and Animal Bailee coverage. Others may need a state-mandated worker’s compensation policy to protect their employees from animal bites, scratches and lifting injuries.


Insurance carriers such as Travelers, Hartford, Quincy Mutual, QBE and Main Street America are just a few of the companies that we negotiate with on your behalf. Because we understand that you have dedicated yourself to providing quality care and comfort to your patients and families, we are dedicated to matching you with an insurance company that operates under the same philosophy.

“My company handles property restoration services for those affected by water damage, wind damage, fire and smoke damage and microbial issues. We are a 24/7/365 company who responds when called. Mather and Pitts Insurance and our Agent, Tim Csere, have always promptly and professionally tackled any insurance issue we needed to address. This includes certificates of insurance, audit reviews, prompt claim handling, workplace safety and have guided us quickly, cost effectively and thoroughly. Today’s business world demands we have an agency like Mather & Pitts. We are a happy customer!

P.S. they also handle our home, auto and umbrella coverage and provide us great coverage at a competitive premium. One stop shopping is the way to go.”

First General Property Restoration

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Are you confident you have the coverage you need for your veterinary practice?

Coastal Properties

Changes in insurance carrier mitigation requirements, more stringent town building codes, mandated flood insurance, and flood zone changes are just a few of the issues affecting businesses and insurance professionals today. Our team is here to help you with the complexity of choosing the right coverage for your coastal property. In some areas, it may make sense to take on hurricane mitigation measures. Flood insurance premiums can sometimes be reduced by having an Elevation Certificate completed. Does your policy include separate wind/ hurricane and other perils deductibles? Have you ever been involved with a substantial flood or hurricane claim?

Our agents will schedule an on-site visit, if need be, to review your specific coastal issues and to determine the best solution for you. CHUBB, MAPFRE, Pure, AIG Private Client, Swyftt, and Travelers are just a few of the dependable insurance carriers that we work with to address your unique insurance needs.

Main Street America Businesses

You provide quality, hands-on service and consultation using your specific expertise; we provide the same. Main Street America businesses are all different and should be treated this way from an insurance standpoint. From printers to florists to hair salons to delis, you know your business and your insurance agent should as well. We have carriers who respect what you do, know how difficult it is to operate a small business today, and offer pricing and coverage to suit your insurance needs.

We still make house calls – or business calls, if you prefer. Our agents will come to your place of business and see what you do and how you do it. Based on that meeting, we can draft insurance coverage for you. Our insurance carrier underwriters respect our front-line underwriting; that rewards you with proper coverage and more competitive pricing.